You're a cyborg and your wife has left you. To find her you must leave "The Structure" - a dystopian city in which you are imprisoned. The only way of escaping The Structure is to rid yourself of your implants and become a plain-skin.


Platform: PC and Linux
Genre: 2D point-and-click adventure
Game engine: Adventure Game Studio
Length: 30 min.
Release year: 2018

The game was made by Malte Burup in three weeks for the game jam MAGS August 2018.
It is the first episode in a series called "Tales From The Outer Zone".


I've always been playing adventure games, so when I found out how easy it is to make one in AGS (Adventure Game Studio), I couldn't wait to get started. To put pressure on myself, I entered MAGS - the monthly AGS game jam. The theme was "Censorship" so I immediately thought of a dystopian world wherin a cyborg had to censor himself from being a machine.

The story is a comment on our increased attachment to machines and how this can create a barrier between us and the people we care about. The style was influenced by sci-fi comic books by Moebius and Bilal but in a classic low-res (320x200) adventure game artstyle. Finally I composed the music with a good portion of Vangelis and Klaus Schulze in mind.


Malte Burup works as a freelance artist in Copenhagen, Denmark on various game productions. He is the mind behind The Outer Zone - a small company designing and publishing games, comics, music and children's books.


Sofus and the Moonmachine - Creator
Forced (BetaDwarf) - artist
Deponia (Daedalic Entertainment) - background artist.

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